Session and Councils

Session and Councils

The Session:

The Session is the governing body of the church whose members are the currently active, elected Elders and which is moderated by the Pastor.  The Session manages all aspects of the goals and the business of the local congregation.

Pastor Kevin Hicks
Pastor Kevin HicksModerator
The Councils:
The Administration Council is responsible for the prudent management of the church’s staff, Conyers Presbyterian Preschool, physical and financial resources and the issues theological, civil and political with which the church is concerned.
John Hall
John HallModerator
Andy Latimer
Andy Latimer
Benjamin Rucker
Benjamin Rucker
Adult Ministries:  
The Council for Adult Education seeks to assist, support and lead efforts which offer diverse opportunities to meet the needs of adults to deepen their faith through study, prayer and questioning, to articipate in serving others and to enjoy fellowship of fellow Christians. Intergenerational participation is encouraged in many efforts.
Albert Myers
Albert MyersModerator
Chlidren's Ministries: 
The Children’s Ministries Council coordinates the ministry for our children up to middle school age.  The council is responsible introducing the children to the basic concepts of Jesus as the son of God and how He would have us live ourselves and in relationship with our neighbors. Teaching programs, Vacation Bible School and other events are some of the means used to achieve these ends.
Delilah Clingenpeel
Delilah ClingenpeelModerator
The Fellowship Council (and occasionally with other Councils) plans and coordinates church-wide special events and the meals for Wednesday night dinners and other events that encourage fellowship between members and those of our community.
Regina Breed
Regina BreedModerator
Membership and Congregational Care:
This somewhat introspective Council looks to assist with the spiritual and some physical needs of our members and with the welcoming of guests to God’s house. In addition, the Council is responsible for ensuring the membership role data are kept current, for the annual membership statistical report for Presbytery and for communicating to the public how we show Christ’s love for all people.
Alice Jamison
Alice JamisonModerator
Dan Payseur
Dan Payseur
Mission and Outreach
The Mission and Outreach Council focuses on the second part of the two commandments from Christ, “…love your neighbor as yourself….” This Council looks for opportunities for our congregation to participate in sharing the “Good News” within our community, nation and the world.  We show the love of Christ through service and sharing of resources with our neighbors.
Laura Cross
Laura CrossModerator
Worship and Music:
The Worship and Music Council ensures the sanctuary decor (and that of other appropriate church venues), music and liturgists and ushers are coordinated with the worship service and message of the minister.  This Council works with the Director of Music and the accompanist on the selection of music and instrumentalists for services and events.
Ray Brittain
Ray BrittainModerator
Youth Ministries:
The Youth Ministries Council has responsibility for the spiritual growth and increased understanding of our middle school and high school youth of the nature of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and how they interact with the individual in each of their lives.  A deeper understanding of salvation, grace, justification by faith and positively increasing each person’s relationship with Christ are emphasized.
Derek Parker
Derek Parker
Clerk of Session:
The Clerk of Session is responsible for the capture and maintenance of the official records of the Session and church and for the sending and receipt of the church's official communication with individuals and organizations both within and without the church.
Dr. John Fountain
Dr. John Fountain

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