Connections on Wednesday Evenings

Connections on Wednesday Evenings


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Our free Wednesday evening dinners in Myers Hall are the heart of our ministry here at Conyers Presbyterian Church.

Dinner is served at 6pm, followed by a program that begins at 6:30pm.


    It’s been two years since we started serving free dinner. Turnout was low initially. Now we have an average of 130 on any given Wednesday. (For perspective, that’s more that we have in attendance on Sunday morning!) More than half of the group come from the community around us.

    We have a kitchen crew that is both dedicated and talented.  This may be the best meal you have all week.  We cook with care knowing that this may be the only hot meal some families eat during the week.

    This has become the primary ministry for Conyers Presbyterian Church. We have “day old” bread to give away each time we meet and we added a small clothes closet, as well. As we get to know the community, we also get to know their needs. It takes mission dollars to make this work, but it is money well spent.  Of course, donations are accepted to help fund this ministry of food and fellowship.

    We don’t feed people from the community. They eat with us. Same room. Same food line. Same tables. If you drop by, it may be hard for you to tell who’s who. And, how beautiful is that?

    After dinner on Wednesday, there are programs available for children, youth and adults during the school year.  Programming takes a break during the summer, but the meals will continue to be served.

    All in all, it is a great time of good food, good fellowship, and good activities.  Come join us!

    Dinner starts at 6p.m.,with programming to follow at 6:30p.m. Pastor Kevin will lead the adult programs, Ryan will be with youth & Staci with children. 







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